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Differences Between a Charbroiler and a Grill

Although they are used to cook similar types of foods, charbroilers and grills are quite different. While they can be substituted for each other in certain circumstances, each has its own advantages and strengths. Through concentrated and directly applied heat, they are geared to caramelize, char, and flavor food in a unique way.  With an […]

Commercial Gas Grill Maintenance Tips

In a commercial kitchen, a gas grill can serve as the true workhorse of your culinary exploits. Whether your gas grill features a flat-top or the traditional flame-broiling setup of a conventional gas grill, few appliances get the daily workout that your commercial gas grill endures. Fortunately, most modern commercial grills are built to last […]

Things to Consider before Choosing a Commercial Gas Grill

A t-bone steak being char-grilled over open flames on a commercial gas grill

Not all commercial grills are created equally. There are so many different models, each with various features and special add-ons. This can make it quite challenging to find the best grill for your business. Before you even start looking for gas grills, consider the following factors so you can find a commercial grill that meets […]