Champion Tuff Grills

Champion Tuff Grills offers the industry’s largest selection of wood fired equipment including the Tuff Grill, the original Champion Grill, the Tuff Charbroiler and the Tuff Charbroiler Countertop. Every Tuff Grill is made in the USA featuring our exclusive Cool Jacket Technology. The original Champion Grill is designed to be virtually indestructible. The Tuff Charbroiler offers the convenience of gas while adding a wood smoked flavor. This allows you to extend your menu by adding smoked items. Champion Tuff Grills sear in flavor while allowing you to expand your culinary choices.

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Why Choose Champion Tuff Grills?

“I’ve been known to grill anything from pizzas to grilled salads. Almost all of my hot foods for my catered events come off of my grill. My guests love the all natural grilled flavor and the creative style of cooking.”
– Chef Eric Zamudio

Quality Gourmet Firewood Supplier

“Our products are produced to exceed industry quality standards. Never chemically treated, our wood is seasoned and then kiln dried in a process that we have perfected through years of experience. Our quality control team ensures that all our products have optimum moisture content before shipment. We know at Gourmet Wood® Products, that the taste of your food starts with the source, our superior production methods and final product will ensure that every dish is cooked to perfection.”