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What Kind of Wood to Use When Smoking Meat

Barbecue meat

When it comes to the wood you use when smoking meat, there are many varying opinions. For regular backyard barbecuing, it can be enjoyable to debate about, and to experiment with different wood varieties. However, it’s important to try and get things right when it comes to commercial wood burning grills.  There are so many […]

Wood-Fired Grills Making a Comeback

Wood burning

While most restaurant owners often look for the latest in oven and gas grill technology to fill their kitchens with, many chefs are starting to look towards the past for inspiration. Wood-burning grills haven’t always been the most popular choice for cooks in the last few decades, but they’ve started to make a resurgence in […]

Wood Fire Grilling for Restaurants

Beef cooking

Go to almost any high-quality restaurant these days, and you’re likely to find at least one wood-grilled item on the menu. Why? It’s because when it’s well-prepared, firewood provides some of the best flavors to meat, fish, and vegetables that you’re ever going to eat. When wood is utilized to give your dish a truly […]