Hello, my name is Chef Eric Zamudio. I’ve been a chef now for 7 years and worked on some of the best and most challenging grills in the US. I fell in love with wood burning grills when I worked at Walt Disney World: California Grill. I cooked about 200 steaks, 100 pork tenderloins, and 50 or so chicken dishes each night! So I have become very well acquainted with all grill types and styles of grilling.

When I moved to Ohio to start my own business I wanted to bring that same wood burning grill style to my own menu. I love the natural wood flavor and the creative options that wood burning grills offer. The ambience and Flavors can’t be beat.

I do lots of upscale creative barbequing with my grill. I have one of the largest grills so I would be able to cater large parties up to 200 people. I’ve been known to grill anything from pizzas to grilled salads. Almost all of my hot foods for my catered events come off of my grill. My guests love the all natural grilled flavor and the creative style of cooking.

I’ll be sure to work with “Tuff Grills” in the future because I’m very happy with my product and the customer service. The construction of the grill and its grates are top notch and are sure to give me long lasting service and great food! Not to mention the amount of money I save off my gas bill. I would recommend wood-fired grills to any chef looking to get the most out of their food. My customer response has been overwhelming since I started using my grill. After tasting and working with Tuff Grill wood-fired grills I’ll probably never go back to a conventional grill.

Chef Eric Zamudio 330.343.9374